Want an autographed copy of VICTOR?

I have a few of my own copies of VICTOR left! If you want one signed especially for you or your child, just send $15.00 to my PayPal, your mailing address, and who you want it signed to. Write to tamlykens@gmail.com

We Were Created with Superpowers


Hello! My name is Tami (but you can call me Tam) Lykens. And I fully believe that statement up there. Many of us live in denial of this truth; and it is my mission to educate us all (myself included) with stories, articles, and school talks. There will be research and interviews performed to investigate the science behind my outlandish claim.

This is a new website. Just look at it as a new store and the inventory is growing. My first novel, VICTOR, was released in the end of 2017. You can have a look at it inside the BOOKS tab on the front page menu.

VICTOR’s sequel, ARDITH, is already in production and it is my hope to have it available for you by Christmas 2018.

This website “store” will bring in lots of treasures for you (some free, some for sale) in 2018 and beyond. Promise. This is a space for all ages! I hope you find inspiration, information, and enjoyment here.

I’ve made this for you.

With Love,



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