As a child, did you ever make a mud pie and then offer  it, proudly, to your mother?

And when I say “make” I mean serious child-craftsmanship: Stirring the right mixture of water and soil in your plastic bucket with a stick; scooping (with your hands, of course) said calculated muddy combination into the treasured, discarded metal pie pan you found; and smoothing that mud-pie just so. Then, if you were an extra-creative baker, you lined the edge with leaves. Mm-mm!

Did you do that?

I did.

And did we offer it with hopes of something in return? Did we intend to add extra work to our mother’s day with the accidental drips of pie ingredients upon her carpet?

Of course not!

What did our hearts cry out? With innocent and healthy pride, our hearts cried out, with our extended offering, “I made this for you because I want to make you happy!”          Rarely anything more than that; except the obvious, underlying Love and Adoration.

What do we offer now, as big kids?

What is at the end of our extended hands?

And what is the message of our hearts to the intended receiver?

I’m thinking a lot about these questions, these days. I do not take it lightly that you, Dear Reader, have offered me your present attention. What will I offer you? What is my heart saying with my outstretched fingers on my keyboard, or with my pen to the paper?

I know this: It must be good news.  That’s what I want to offer. There is already a smorgasbord of bad news out there and I feel no need to add to it.

So, when I craft articles, stories and talks for both you and your children, I promise (with you here as my witness) I will do so with a solid intention of only encouragement, education, and inspiration.*

Because I believe in You.


With love,


Next week: The Superpowers Series begins with a new article every Wednesday.


*My stories do have thrills and bad guys, of course; because, you know, one needs a victory to be encouraged and inspired, right?


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