That’s MY Voice?!

MyVoice_When it was clear there was no way for me to achieve bionic powers, I moved on to my next dream: To be a professional singer. So I picked up my tape-recorder (an exciting purchase for 11-year-old me) and recorded myself singing “You Light Up My Life”; belting it alongside Debbie Boone.


I was horrified at the playback. “THAT’S MY VOICE?” That was a new experience I swore I’d never repeat.

We were all given strengths and talents when we were formed in that inner womb. It has taken me some time to be satisfied with the strengths and talents installed into me. I want to argue more about the talents that are not there.

But there is great peace found in being content with who we are. And there are thrills waiting for us when we ask, for what was I made?

My personality finds great comfort in knowing the rules. I want to be found doing the right thing. That’s who I am. So, to know what I was created for and then to go out and do it… that is big adventure to me.

And sometimes adventure is scary.


What are some strengths/talents in you, that you should appreciate more?

Is there something scary-big you were created to do?

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