Meticulously Made


How many of you like science? This is for you.

Your unique DNA sequence is your genotype. All your physical and personality traits that come out as a result of your genotype  is your phenotype.

Then we have little dudes called Receptors.
Receptors are large proteins sitting on the surface of our brain cells that respond to only certain neurochemicals (the keys), like serotonin (the “happy” brain chemical).

Whatever neurochemicals “key” enter the “lock”, it binds the receptor molecule and initiates a flood of reaction.

Our genes dictate the measurement at which our receptors receive these neurochemicals. This, in turn, adjusts how we prefer things, respond, think, and feel! AMAZING.

Superpowers-Violet (1)

Thus, our personality is installed.

Our brain is also a beautiful set of muscles that can grow and develop. This means we can learn and stretch ourselves. But, we are born with a natural set of preferences, like being right-handed or left-handed.

And get this: Our brain was crafted in us by the time we were 9 weeks developed in our mama’s belly. A M A Z I N G.

Right now, you need to hear me and believe this: You were carefully constructed. Meticulously formed one cell, one gene, one protein at a time! To be exactly who are. To do things only you were meant to do.

You are not a mistake.

You were intended to be here.

You are not weird, you are on purpose.

And you are loved. More than you know. You were loved as you were being knitted together.

And you were given superpowers.
Can you rescue people? Yes.
Start by rescuing yourself from thoughts that tell you:

“I’m so weird.” “I’m so alone.” “I’m weak.” “I’m useless.”
Are there villains to fight? Yes, there are.
Those thoughts, up there, are your enemies. And they need to be taken down. Because they are lies. I promise you: They are lies.



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