Tam Lykens was born and raised among the wheat fields and wine country of Southern California but discovered her love for writing stories while teaching drama to middle school students in Nashville, Tennessee. Her debut novel, Victor, a historical fiction for Middle Grade readers, was published in Australia during a nine-year residency. While simultaneously working as a barista, Lykens completed her BA in English for Creative Writing and now resides in America’s Pacific Northwest completing Victor’s sequel, Ardith, and a Middle Grade urban fantasy, Ambassador.

Tam’s first novel, VICTOR is available on Amazon now. See the Books page for a free preview.

Tam Lykens: Middle Grade Author Helping Readers Find Their Superpowers


2 responses to “Biography”

  1. Tami Peterson

    Hey, where’s that Books section you mentioned?


    1. Thank you for making me aware of that, Ms. Peterson. That missing link has been fixed.


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