Hi, I’m Tam

I’m so glad you stopped by – It’s so nice to meet you here.

This is a place I built for you to escape into awhile, so we can have conversations, you can read about my books and crazy imaginings, and pictures! And hopefully I can let you know we all have significance in this world. I want to help you find your superpowers.

Because you have them.

Escape here. Return braver.


Eleven-year-old Ardith is forced to leave her homeland of Sweden when her father is stationed as king over conquered Estonia. At the start, Ardith is bitterly homesick, but finds solace among the horses in the royal stable and unlikely friendships. Ardith faces devastating opposition when she begins the quest to participate in Estonia’s horse races-something females never did before. Adventures follow as Ardith and her friends uncover cruel villainy and Ardith finds her significance in the strange, new land.


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