“Tami is a trusted friend and sister in the Lord. What cherished memories we have serving together at a Christian homeschoolers’ academy in Tennessee! I so admire her patient, positive, encouraging way of interacting with students. I have witnessed it first hand. Even as my own children are now adults, I will always be grateful for her influence in their lives. Tami is a true gem!”

-Cheri Keaggy
Dove Award Winning Recording Artist / Speaker / Author / Songwriter


“I worked closely with Tami Lykens for two years while she was a middle school drama teacher, I was the in-house AV Tech. I have known her personally for 16 years. Tami was amazing with the students; training, inspiring, encouraging, and challenging them. While she always set high, but reachable goals for her students, she was also a pleasure to work with. She is trustworthy and hard working while very understanding and flexible. Besides her work with middle school students, she also did a fantastic job raising her own kids into adulthood. Tami’s example of healthy parenting is an inspiration to me and my wife as parents.”

-Jesse James Siegand, Co-Founder of Parents Who Fight, Freelance Audio Visual Tech/Installer


“Tami Lykens served under our leadership as Children’s Pastors at New Song Christian Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee for many years. Tami served with a heart of someone who desired to see each child flourish in his or her personal development. She addressed the children with respect recognizing the potential of each individual life. Her lessons were well researched, throughout out and delivered in a way that held the attention of the children across a wide spectrum of age groups. The children loved Ms. Tami and it was evident that she had a special gift in relating and encouraging the young lives under her care.

We also have known Tami for many years as a personal friend. Our children were good friends growing up together. It is without reservation I can say that Tami would be a huge blessing to role you might place her in.”

-Garry & Brenda Kean, Pastors/Missionaries, Founders & Directors of Jacaranda Community Nairobi


“I first met Tami in February 2010 when I moved to Sydney, AU from Toronto, Canada to start a new role as Director of Sales at Mannatech Australasia. As I stepped off the elevator for my first day, there she sat at the reception desk with the warmest smile and friendliest welcome I had ever experienced. I thought I was special … but learned very quickly that was her way with everyone! I felt so confident knowing that any customer who came into the office or called would be treated like family. Plus she was 100% responsible and trust-worthy.

Tami was the perfect ambassador for a wellness company. Healthy. Positive. Beautiful Energy. Compassionate. Caring. Kind. Full of gratitude and appreciation for life. She was a team player in every sense of the word always looking to add value. She also took initiative to work on special projects to learn more about all departments and the business.

When I left Mannatech I continued to stay in touch with Tam. I so respected her commitment to lifelong learning and how she lifted others up. I was always inspired by her love of family and her unconditional love for her children. Over the time that I have known her she has experienced some of life’s toughest challenges and always come through with grace and humility — never a victim or excuse maker. She is very clear on her values and what she stands for.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Tami. It would be my pleasure to discuss her work performance and experience, and to act as a character reference.”

-Sandy Cantin


“Tami Lykens has proven herself to be a gifted author, motivated speaker/teacher and so much more. In the years that I’ve known Tam, I’ve seen her influence those around her with just her loving personality. I would trust students with her with no hesitation.”-

-Stacey Kline, Treasurer, Middle School.


“Tami worked with us at Arup in both the Sydney and Melbourne offices in our front of house team, running the reception desks in our two busiest offices in the region between October 2013 and December 2017. Tami was always very professional, courteous and friendly to all staff, clients and visitors to our office. She has an energetic and bubbly nature that was always welcoming.

I would recommend Tami for any future role she chooses to pursue.”

-Peter Bailey, Principal, Director


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