When I Put Parable Park From My Imagination to Paper

I had so much fun doing this. I was daunted at first with the challenge to draw the first map of Parable Park. But, I gifted myself a thrilling set of water colors and a goodly amount of time, and jumped in. Here’s what manifested (it’s a fly-over view)…

Hand-drawn and water-color painted picture of Parable Park. Including Ruth's Garden, Polly's Adventure Tree, Karson's Tree, Ruth's Treehouse, Herman's Read-aloud spot, Henry's Orchestral Tree, and Fredric's Story Keeping.

Elementary, I know, but I still love it these 10 years later. I especially like Fredric’s stacks of storybooks.

Have you tried water colors? Have you tried drawing your vision? I highly recommend them. Tell me your story in the comments so I can give you a deserved applause.


Next time, I’ll give more details about what happens in those trees!


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