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Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

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My latest manuscript is complete! So, while I wait for the agent to look it over and find a publisher, my desk is now open to serve you with my new editing services!

I provide excellent and dependable proofreading and copy editing for your business articles, blog posts, fiction or non-fiction stories, and more.

Take advantage of my introductory low price of $20.00USD per hour!

What’s included in the proofreading service?

Proofreading takes care of the final, cosmetic touches of writing:




It is quick and inexpensive.


What’s included in the copy editing service?

Copy Editing will help with:

Getting your style right

Weed out unnecessary words

Check accuracy and readability

Clean up overused words and clichés

Check sentence lengths

This service takes a bit longer, but will take your writing to the highest standard.


How much will this cost?

I can proofread 10 pages per hour

I can copy-edit 5 pages per hour

I charge $20.00USD per hour. (With a $20.00USD minimum per service)


How can one pay for these services?


Bank Transfer (coming soon)

Credit Card (coming soon)


Ready for my help?

Send your requests and/or questions to:




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