Hi, I’m Tam

I’m so glad you stopped by – It’s so nice to meet you here.

This is a place I built for you to escape into awhile, so we can have conversations, you can read about my books and crazy imaginings, and pictures! And hopefully I can let you know we all have significance in this world. I want to help you find your superpowers.

Because you have them.

Escape here. Return braver.

Testimonial Page Still Under Construction

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It is important to me that you, as a parent or guardian, know that your children are safe with me and my words. I am seeking out some testimonies from folks who have worked with me or I have been their child’s teacher in the past.

If you would like to contribute to this endevor, I would be grateful to hear from you. Simply use the Contact page to sign in and do so.

Thank you!