About Tam

In her childhood, running through the wheat fields of Southern California, Tam pretended, with a most fervent imagination, she was the Bionic Woman. She found magic kingdoms in pine groves and sought wisdom from ancient elm trees. After elementary school-days, she rushed home to sit and play among her playmates: young piglets. A baby sister finally arrived. Sister grew up as Wonder Woman, to run alongside Bionic Tam.

Tam grew older (though probably forgot to grow up), got married, and raised three beautiful people. And as a school teacher in California and Tennessee, Tam wrote curriculum for churches and schools. As a drama teacher, in Tennessee, she wrote and directed plays for middle schoolers; being an expert at pretending.

Currently, Tam’s first novel, VICTOR is a fresh release and available on Amazon now. The sequel to VICTOR, with the working title, ARDITH, is in production.

Tam also writes free articles on her blog that center around the endeavor to help children (and adults) find their personal strengths and gain hope in the knowledge of their own important role in this world (aka: our superpowers).

She is currently studying full time at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, to finish her BA in English.

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